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Trinity Music Theory 


There are many past papers that are printed and published by Trinity College London. If you are studying music theory, you will probably want to have a go at some past papers before you sit the actual Trinity Music Theory exam. The past papers also come with model answers, but if you are studying music theory and want to really understand the topics covered and to help you with things that you don’t understand, you will probably want a music theory teacher. 


To begin online music theory lessons with Matthew Clayton please email and enquiry to

CLICK HERE for more information of the Trinity College Music Theory Exams


If you want online music theory lessons with Matthew, he will be able to provide a comprehensive programme of study that will help you progress in your understanding of music theory. Matthew has a music degree and is well equipped to help you understand the different types of scales, intervals, chords, time signatures, key signatures, transposition, irregular rhythms, composition, score analysis, scales and harmony. He has lots of teaching resources that will enable you to get a really good understanding of music theory and help you pass the music theory past paper. Perhaps you are studying GCSE or A Level music and need some help with the music theory side of things. Matthew can also provide that support. Music theory lessons take the form of an online video call where Matthew will go through worked examples and introduce you to new theory topics, as well as marking your work and going over and explaining your mistakes. Matthew has experience of teaching children and adults from complete beginners to advance. He puts things in such a way that it is far easier to understand than you will find in any music theory workbook. Matthew makes music theory classes fun and interesting and always gives examples about how music theory works in musical examples. When students understand how music works, this helps their playing ability on their instruments and gives them more appreciation and interest in music as a whole. 


Students who study grades 6 to 8 music theory will be have significant advantage in beginning their music degree at university than those who have not covered this. Many music colleges and conservatoires have their own entry music theory exam that covers the same topics that you will study with Matthew. 


There are many benefits in learning music theory. But it can be very difficult to find a music theory teacher, but now things have become more available since the COVID pandemic, you can now find a good music theory teacher online. 

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