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What’s it like learning how to play the piano as adult?

There are many accounts online of people in later life taking up new instruments as hobbies. It is wonderful to see more than ever, lots of the world population starting to learn how to play the piano. There is nothing more joyous than having the ability to sit down at the piano and play your favourite songs. And with the coronavirus outbreak in 2020, it gave a lot of people the spark, with more time on their hands, to stop putting off doing something they have long wished to do and learn how to play the piano.

In fact, contrary to popular belief, adults can pick up learning how to play the piano just as quickly as children. Adults can settle into a new practise routine well and enjoy the variety of ways to practise in creating music. Learning how to play the piano can give adults a new lease of life and a new love for music. Beginning your musical journey can be such a fun and exciting thing to do, it is highly recommended to improve your general well being and mental health. Having set tasks and goals and achieving new things can have such as positive effect. Learning how to play the piano as an adult can teach you good lessons in humility and patience- you don’t need a fancy, expensive piano to start playing, you can buy something a lot more affordable to start off with, and if the piano is something you wish to take up on a more serious basis, you can invest in something a little more substantial later on. Adults often take up the piano without the intention of sitting graded music exams, they just want to learn for fun and play beautiful piano music.

Part of the allure of learning how to play the piano is the mystery of it all - it is a skill that has never gone out of fashion in hundreds of years - lots of pianos are still featured as a central point in peoples homes, whereas other things through the years have gone in and out of fashion.

Piano lessons can now take place from he comfort of your own home without having a piano teacher visit your house, or without you having to visit them. All you need to start online piano lessons is a mobile phone that can receive videos calls - through Zoom, Facetime or whatsapp and you can point it towards your piano keys. Matthew will Clayton is a great online piano teacher with years of experience and he sets up his camera in his piano teaching studio in the UK. It is great that people all across the world can now have access to Matthew’s piano teaching as he offers it online.

Click below to watch online piano teacher, Matthew Clayton play the piano:

If you would like to sign up for your first online piano lesson, please contact Matthew on

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