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Welcome to the new era of online piano lessons with Matthew Clayton

With the developments of recent technology, it now possible to hold piano lessons over a video call online. The audio and video quality in a video call has significantly improved over recent years which has made this possible. If you take online piano lessons with Matthew he will make you the pianist that you want to be with a step by step approach with weekly lessons. You can even be a complete beginner and start up lessons. If that is the case, you will get an introduction to the piano where you will learn easy songs hands separately, you will have an introduction in being able to read sheet music, learn basic chords and scales and begin to play melodies i the right hand and chords in the left hand. In no time at all you will be able to play classic pop songs that use major and minor chords and various accompaniment patterns that are common in pop music. You will also learn serious technical aspects of learning the piano by learning how to play basic classical music. The great thing about starting up online piano lessons with Matthew is that you will not have to sign up to a block of lessons, but you can take each week as it comes and pay on a week by week basis. Another thing you will learn is how to practise effectively using your time efficiently. Lots of beginners practise the wrong the type of exercises, however, Matthew, with over ten years of piano teaching experience, will be able to tell you all the fast track routes to success and all the important things you should put into your daily piano practise routine.

Click below to watch Matthew play the piano:

Online piano lessons are also for the those who have already reached a certain standard and returners to the piano after a gap of not playing. Matthew has taught every type of piano student from a variety of backgrounds and abilities. He charges a reasonably rate of $30 per half hour piano lesson - and this can be paid through pay pal in advance of the lesson.

If you have piano lessons with Matthew you have one to one support and be coached on a weekly basis. You will get personalised feedback that will help you improve on your particular weaknesses. Matthew will also be able to answer an questions that you have, or anything you find difficult in the sheet music to understand. The massive benefit of taking online piano lessons is that you will be able to set the lesson time for you or your child that will suit you. You will learn a good piano technique, learn how to play chart hits by Ed Sheeran and Adele, learn classical music by Beethoven and Chopin and how to improvise and compose music.

If you would to start up lessons today, please send an email to for further information.

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