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Welcome to Piano Tuition Cardiff

Book a piano lesson in Cardiff with Matthew Clayton

If you are wanting piano lessons in the Cardiff area, and are looking for a good music teacher who can teach in lots of different styles, contact Matthew Clayton today. He has been teaching in the Cyncoed area of Cardiff for many years and has built up a successful teaching practice. He teaches piano to those of all ages. Matthew has put through over 120 pupils through their graded piano exams successfully. Matthew studied in Cardiff University and graduated with a Music degree in 2009. Since then, he has taught piano privately under the name “Piano Tuition Cardiff”. He is an experienced teacher, so if you would like to book a lesson with Matthew today please contact on 07967 836011.

Why take up the piano?

There are many reasons to learn a new instrument. Many adults often live in regret that they did not have the opportunity when they were young to take up music instruments, but often don’t do anything about it in adulthood when they have money to do so. Life often gets in the way and many struggle to find time – but those adults who have taken up the piano with Matthew, really enjoy the piano experience and thank Matthew for his patience.

How much are piano lessons with Piano Tuition Cardiff?

Matthew charges £13.50 per half hour lesson. Lessons normally take place on a weekly basis, though some choose to come for the full hour for a higher fee. Much will depend on Matthew’s availability, so it is worth getting in contact with Matthew as soon as possible so he can fit you into his diary.

Matthew is willing to teach you any piano style that you have in mind. Some pupils like to learn music from west end shows or film musicals such as La La Land and The Greatest Showman. Others like to learn popular music on the piano such as Jess Glyn and Bruno Mars. Matthew also tried to encourage young learners to study classical music in the early years to develop a good, secure piano technique.

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