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Welcome to Online Piano Lessons

My name is Matthew Clayton and I am a professional piano teacher based in Cardiff, UK. I offer fun and engaging online piano lessons to piano students of all learning levels. Video call piano lessons is the new approach that many piano teachers are now taking in an ever changing world. I have a dedicated piano teaching studio where I teach from a Kawai acoustic piano, a Yamaha clavinova and a Roland FP50 digital piano. I offer piano lessons that focus on classical and contemporary styles of music including pop and jazz. I think this is one of the reasons why I have become so busy as a piano teacher, is because I am willing to teach all styles of music in a world where many piano teachers are only comfortable teaching traditional classical music styles.

For those interested in undertaking the graded ABRSM or Trinity exams, I offer exam specific teaching approaches to help my students get through their grades. I have over ten years teaching experience, and during that time, I have entered over 150 students, and I am proud to say not one of them has failed. I also teach music theory to my pupils- either during their piano lesson, or on an individual basis up to the grade 5 level. It is worth saying, that exam are not compulsory, and many of my piano students just want to learn the piano for fun- and that is fine too. All my tuition now takes place online on an individually tailored basis to each one of my pupils. Group piano lessons do not work that effectively in an online setting, so I only offer one to one online piano lessons.

The majority of my piano students take one half hour piano lesson on a weekly basis, but as the lessons are online, this gives my students a degree of freedom to book their piano lessons on an ad hoc basis as slots come available. Although, it is worth saying there are considerable benefits for your speed of progression at the piano if you can stick to the same regular time each week. For younger students, I find that 20 minutes is sometimes a better lesson slot as 30 minutes can be a bit of a long time for them to hold their concentration - this obviously varies from one child to another, so we can play it by ear as lessons progress as to what the best option would be.

Click the video below to watch Matthew play:

You will need a keyboard or digital or real piano for lessons to take place. That is obviously one important requirement. If you are stuck and don’t know what type of piano would suit you for your current level, it is worth getting in touch with me and I can offer you professional advice.

If you would like to book you first online piano lesson with me, please send me an email on

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