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Ways to improve your piano playing skills

In order to get good on any instrument, you will need to put in a lot pf practising sessions. Building up the fundamentals will help you play your piano pieces better and you will not struggle with hem as much. If you have the time, it is a very good idea to improve your sight-reading ability- this will help you improve the speed it takes to pick up new songs and it is a skill that will become very valuable in your piano playing journey.

It is firstly important to have a very consistent piano practise routine. The practise “as and when” approach rarely works for anyone. It is far better to have a set schedule that you can even put in your phone that can be set as a reminder. Schedule into your diary at least 30 minutes per day and you will improve your piano playing skills a great deal. However, younger children, especially beginners will benefit from shorter practise sessions. This is because they will find it harder to focus and concentrate for longer periods of time. However, the same rule applies for children that regular consistent daily practise is better than doing longer sessions more infrequently. It needs to become part of your daily routine just like cleaning your teeth - it is something you should do at the same time everyday.

The second bit of advice is that you start your practise sessions, firstly by warm up exercises or scales that can be given by your piano teacher - then play pieces that you already know and you enjoy - after all learning piano isn’t all about playing pieces that you are learning and struggling with- it is also about enjoying the pieces that you have already mastered. after that, you can move on to practise new repertoire. It is important to have short term goals in your piano study where you can set yourself easier pieces that you can accomplish in a shorter time frame - if you can see fast improvement this will help your motivation. It is also good to have a piece on the go that it a challenge which will take months to learn- you will get an even better reward when you can master a piece like that. It is also worth saying that you should have pieces that you actually enjoy playing in your practise sessions. It is good to take recommendations from experienced piano teachers, but if there is a certain style of music that interests you, mention this to your piano teacher. the final point regarding practising is that you have a god at playing along to a metronome - this will help you a great deal with keeping strict time which can be difficult when you are concentrating trying to play all the notes correctly.

The best way to improve quickly at the piano is to hire a professional piano teacher who can guide you through your piano studies. Matthew Clayton now delivered online piano lessons via video calls on the internet. The content of these lessons are exactly the same if you had the lessons in person with Matthew in his piano teaching studio. Pupils enjoy taking up the option of online piano lessons as they can set their own lesson times and take the lessons from their own home.

To start online piano lessons with Matthew, please contact

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