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Using Natural when learning how to play piano

You will first need to know what flats and sharps mean before you can start thinking about the natural sign. In a nutshell, a natural sign is used when the composer wishes to cancel a previous flat or sharp. It is a sign used indicating to the performing to return to the original white note before any other accidentals whether that be written in accidental in the bar or sharps and flats from the key signature. The natural sign is used commonly in music so it is definitely a sign you will need to familiarise yourself if with if you want to learn how to read piano music.

If you want to learn piano, you will also need to know your major key signatures and their relative minor keys. You do not have to learn minor key signatures from memory as you can work these out from their relative majors. If you are in the major and want to find out its relative major you go down three semitones. For example, if you are in G major (which has the key signature of an F sharp), decent three semi tones which take you to E. So G majors relative minor is E minor. They share the same key signature at the beginning of a piece of piano music. However, you are likely to see the raised seventh appear in the music (not the key signature) which in this case would be the D sharp (the D note is 7 notes up from an E, and if you raise it by a semitone it becomes a D sharp). It is also worth pointing out that the E harmonic minor scale will use the same key signature as G major as they are related to each other, but in the actual scale you will need to add in the raised 7th.

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