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Understanding the names of notes in Piano music

If you are learning how to play the piano, chances are you are also learning the basics of being able to read music. The starting point to being able to read piano music, is being able to name the notes in the treble clef and bass clef. This takes years of practise to master, but shouldn’t take long at all to get the basics and play pleasing pieces on the piano hands together. First of all you will need to learn your various scales on the piano - major and minor and label the scale degree. What is meant by the scale degree? Say you have a C major scale on the piano, the notes will be - C D E F G A B C - C will be the first degree, D the 2nd, E the 3rd and so on. The first degree can also be called the root note of the scale. From these scale degree you can also form chords, for example the 4th note in the C scale is an F - so we would call an F chord, chord IV (always use roman numerals in music theory). The next question is how do we create a chord? We take the root note, then we skip a note (A) and skip another note - C - so in total and F chord would have the notes FAC - and when you play that on the piano you should use every other finger. In C major this F chord would be called chord IV

If you want to learn quick ways of memorising the notes in the treble clef, the notes in-between the lines spell out the word FACE- on the lines they spell out the phrase Every Boy Deserves Football. In the bass clef, a good way to remember the notes in the spaces is All Cows Eat Grass.

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