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Traditional piano lessons taught online

Matthew Clayton has released an online music school offering piano tuition. Matthew has been a piano teacher in the United Kingdom for over ten years. His pupils have achieved great successes at the piano and have now turned into accomplished musicians. All of Matthew’s students have passed their graded piano exams with the ABRSM. Matthew is a music graduate from Cardiff University in the UK. He also hold a postgraduate diploma in music so you know if you are going to be taking online piano lessons with Matthew, you are going to be taught by a professional online piano teacher.

In this digital age it is possible to have online piano lessons from the comfort of your own home. Pupils find this a very convenient option as it cuts out the travel time to the piano teachers home, and you can schedule the lesson around your life commitments. One to one online piano lessons can be more effective than just following youtube tutor videos. Adult learners find that after a long day at work, the last thing they want to do is get back in the car again to travel to their piano teachers home. They find it far easier for the lesson to take place over FaceTime or Skype where they can finish work and be in the online lessons straight away. These type of lessons are also useful for those who live in remote areas where there would be a considerably long drive to a professional piano teacher.

Matthew Clayton has a professional set up when delivering lessons. He has a good quality camera and good internet connection so you will be viewing a high quality video during the lesson. Matthew will be able to teach you posture, dynamics, rhythm and help with reading notation during the online piano lesson. You will then be given set tasks after the lesson to follow up your practising for the remainder of that week. Piano lessons usually work at their best when they are on a weekly basis. Pupils from all ages seem to benefit for the regularity of consistent lessons at a set time. Matthew takes a step by step approach with his pupils, they will learn small concepts and build up on them as they progress so they never feel overwhelmed. Music should be enjoyed, so Matthew makes his lessons fun and encourages his students to play all sorts of piano music from classical to chart music, and film music to blues. Whatever style of music you would like to learn - he will have the capability to develop you as a musician in that area.

If you would like to have online piano lessons, you will pay Matthew in advance to the lesson through paypal.

A 30 minute lesson will cost $30

For further information, please contact Matthew by emailing

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