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Three ways to teach yourself how to play the piano

The piano is one of the most popular and unique instruments to play. Many people think it takes years and years to be able to play, but that is not true - you can get to a reasonable standard learning how to play on your own. You will need to put practise time in, but with a little knowledge about scales, notes and chords- it won’t be long until you are playing the piano pieces that you have always wanted to play.

The first thing you will need to sort out is an instrument to actually play. This need not be an expensive thing. For example, if you are starting out, you could buy yourself an inexpensive five octave keyboard that you could purchase on amazon and have delivered to your door. You could also look for second hand pianos on Facebook market place - sometimes people are just trying to get rid of their piano and will sell it for free for as long that you arrange the transportation costs of moving it.

If you want to teach yourself how to play piano you should start thinking about learning how to play by ear. Playing by ear means that you are not reading sheet music as you play, but are half improvising the notes, second guessing if you will until you get as close as possible to playing the song. Before you can play by ear, you will need to familiarise yourself with the piano keyboard i.e. knowing all the names of the notes (white and black notes) and where they are placed in the various octaves. You will then need to learn all the chords and scales, that can easily be learnt by MATTHEW CLAYTON’S ONLINE PIANO COURSE THAT YOU CAN DOWNLOAD BY CLICKING HERE.

It is important that when you are learning how to play the piano in the beginning that you notice patterns. The left hand accompaniment follows similar patterns in lots of different songs - if you learn the pattern for one song, you will be able to apply it to another song. And even if the other song is in a different key, there are ways you can adjust the new pattern to suit the new key. Matthew explains more of this in the course above.

If you are playing by ear, you will need to develop you general musicianship. What this really means is your ability to hum or sing back a melody that you hear on the radio. If you have the ability to do that, it will help a great deal in finding the notes to play by ear.

The second thing that you need to do if you want to teach yourself how to play is PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. Unfortunately, there is no getting from this. But as long as you make your practising fun- this should never be seen as a bore or a chore.

Thirdly, always attempt pieces that you actually enjoy, rather than what someone else tells you what you should play. If you are attempting to play piano pieces that genuinely enjoy and find exciting - this should help a great deal in keeping you motivated to keep practising.

If you are looking for an online piano teacher who gives piano lessons to absolute beginners, intermediates and advanced piano students you have come to the right place. Matthew gives online piano lessons through Zoom, Facetime and WhatsApp video calls. Matthew will give you easy piano tutorials to follow so you can learn how to play your favourite pieces and learn all the piano scales and chords. If you take up lessons with Matthew, he will give you a fast track approach so you will be playing hands together very early on. So if you are looking for keyboard or piano lessons for adults or kids, you will learn how to read piano sheet music with Matthew. It is just the same as receiving lessons in the traditional one to one way, but now the lessons actually takes place over a weekly video call.

To start online piano lessons with Matthew, contact

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