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The Way to learn piano without reading sheet music

There are lots of different ways to learn how to play the piano without knowing how to read sheet music. A question that lots of piano teachers get asked is “can I learn how to play the piano without knowing how to read sheet music?” And the simple answer is Yes! However, if you want to take piano to a more a serious level and become a competent musician, learning how to reading the notes on the score is something that you may want to consider, but in the beginning when you are starting out on the piano, it is perfectly fine to start playing by ear and picking out melodies as you go along rather than reading them as sheet music.

If you are going to use this method, it is firstly essential that you learn chords and how to use them. You should follow some sort of online piano course, or find online piano lessons that can teach you how to play chords.

Then you should be thinking about working out the melody (the tune) in the right hand by ear - you can listen to the track that you are trying to play and pick out notes as you go along - this will develop your musical ear so you can play songs on the piano without having to know how to read music.

You can go very far on the piano with a good knowledge of scales and chords. Every song is written in a particular key, and if you know the scale and chords related to that key, you are half way there in working out the song on the piano. Each key has what is known as a key signature which tells you what flats or sharps belong in that key. You can learn all the key signatures which will help you learn piano music. As you get better on the piano, you will be able to recognise intervals (which means the distance between two notes) - if you can play around with intervals you are half way there to working out a song on the piano.

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