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The five most easy songs to learn as a beginner on the piano

The reasons why these songs have been picked as recommendations to any learner of the piano is firstly because they are instantly recognisable. If you already know the tune, it will make the learning process far easier as you can almost second guess the next note that you need to play. Contrary to popular belief, no one can just sit down at the piano without playing before and just play - it requires a lot of practise, and usual some degree of taking piano lessons.

A good first starter piece is Chopsticks- this has almost become a signature piece for anyone learning how to play the piano. Everyone knows the tune and it is quite possible to play the piece with only two fingers. Learn this piece and you will no doubt have a lot of fun.

The second tune to learn is twinkle twinkle little star. You might even be able to learn this song by ear by just picking out notes on the piano.

Younger learners will also enjoy learning how to play “Happy Birthday” - it is a very easy song to learn and play on the piano and is great as everyone will sing along at friends and family birthdays.

Heart and Soul is another singer that is very popular for people learning how to play the piano. Lots of piano learners play this song as a duet, but the upper part in the right hand is a bit more complex and is often played by a more advanced player.

Fur Elise is another great piece, but i probably the most difficult out of this list of pieces. It is a great tune that you will have fun playing - and the good thing is there are lots of ways to play this piece that is far easier than the original.

Why are online piano lessons with Matthew so useful?

If you want to learn how to read music, as all piano players should, it will be a very good idea for you to take online piano lessons with Matthew. He is based in the UK, but provides piano lessons online through video calls through FaceTime and Zoom calls. Matthew has lots of educational piano resources that you can use that will help you learn to read and play piano sheet music. If you want to be able to play the piano properly, you will need to learn from and experienced piano teacher like Matthew. He has taught students who are tone deaf in the beginning to become great piano players - lots of them can play classical and popular music styles by reading sheet music and by playing from memory.

If you want to start online piano lessons with Matthew, please email to select your time-slot.

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