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The best online piano lessons in 2020

With online piano lessons with Matthew Clayton, you can set the class times that suit you and you can select how many lessons you want in order to progress at a rate you are comfortable with. Some have more time to dedicate to learning a new instrument, whatever your life situation is, if you take these lessons you can select how often you have them. That is why they have become so popular and in demand. Matthew is a piano teacher from the UK who originally offered piano lessons one to one in person at his home studio. However, since the lockdown restrictions of the coronavirus, Matthew had to find an alternative way to teach - as now more than ever people had more time on their hands and were turning to things like the piano. The demand of his piano lessons actually grew as he turned his hand to offering them online. Now, anyone living over the world can access top quality piano lessons by a great, professional pianist. You don’t have to book a block of permanent lessons with Matthew, you can pay as you go, and see first if it is something you want to sign up to permanently. There can be no denying, if you want to take your piano skills up to the next level, the only way to achieve this is through a good experienced teacher like Matthew Clayton. He has put through many many students successfully through their piano exams over the years.

The skill of knowing how to play the piano is something that you can carry with you for the rest of your life. Yes, there will be moments of sheer frustration like there will be with any instrument you pick up for the first time. But Matthew will help you over this and help you motivate yourself to practise and learn new pieces. Matthew will be able to suggest piano books and pieces suitable for your level so you are never trying to something that is way out of your ability. The best online piano lessons will enable you to develop as an all round musician - so you build up on all the essential techniques that will enable you to in the long run play more complex piano pieces.

Matthew does not have a set curriculum of work that he follows. Instead he tailors his teaching to that individual pupil and what they want to learn. That is the great thing about lessons with Matthew, it is often student led, so you can let him now from the start what type of music you want to playing at the piano in the long term. Matthew will be able to suggest books full of fun piano pieces that work particularly well with younger learners. He has even written some books himself that you can try. The point though, is that your online piano lessons will be customised to anything that you are finding challenging about the piano.

If you would like piano lessons with Matthew, please email on

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