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The advantages of learning piano online

Since the invention of the internet, it has opened up a range of possibilities- one of them being able to learn piano. Sitting at our keyboards at home, and fit around our own schedules we can now learn on an instrument form our own homes. The way we learn skills such as a new instrument has changed now we can do it over the internet. Learning via distant learning has significant advantages for the learner. Following online piano tutorials at your own pace is often a far better cost effective way of learning. Also, you are not restricted geographically - you can take up piano lessons wherever you live in the world. If you are looking for an online piano teacher - you may want to get in contact with Matthew Clayton from the UK. Online lessons with Matthew mean you don’t have to attend lessons every week - you can allow yourself to set the speed of the progress. Matthew uses visual aids to help is video piano lessons such as diagrams and other learning resources. Matthew recognises that people learn at different paces and also have different goals. Some music students have a set agenda about what they want to learn - others allow their teacher to guide them - either route can lead to success. If you are looking for online piano lessons you will want to make sure that your teacher is experienced and is a competent pianist - you can always ask for copies of their certificates to ensure you are getting taught by someone who knows what they are talking about. To get the very best out of online piano lessons, Matthew will ensure you have a set plan of progression and will always be clear in what you need to practise and for how long before the next lesson. Online piano lessons are often a lot cheaper way of receiving first class tuition - Matthew charges $25 per half hour lesson.

The internet also offers a greta deal of resources that you can use in conjunction with your online piano lessons. You will see complementary tutorials of pieces that you want to play on you tube - some instructors are better than others. You will see a lot of materials and resources that are available for free online - if you take one to one video lessons with Matthew, he will be able to guide you in the right direction about the good, reputable free online piano resources.

Another great advantage of lessons with Matthew is that he sit at his own piano during the video lesson so can stop you at any point during your playing if something is not quite right and demonstrate how it should go straight away - this is actually an advantage from having lessons in person where student and pupil are often sharing a piano. Whether you are learning jazz, rock, classical, funk or many more styles, Matthew will be able to demonstrate at the piano on the video call how the piece should go. Not only is this very helpful, hearing a professional pianist play basic pieces will inspire you to practise and get better as a pianist.

Email today if you would like to arrange your first online piano lesson.

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