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Take piano lessons in Cardiff

Begin Piano Lessons with Matthew Clayton in Cardiff today

Learning how to play the piano can be a challenge, but it is a fun challenge. Many people consider taking lessons, but don’t think they can find the time. Why not take the plunge, and start learning something new and take piano lessons with piano teacher Matthew Clayton in Cardiff today. If you have a good teacher, learning the piano can be relatively simple. If you can devote about 15 minutes of practise a day, you will find that you can improve very fast. It will take no time at all until you will be learning the pieces you have always wanted to play on the piano. Matthew recommends that you have a real piano to learn, but if that is not possible, a digital piano with weighted keys can be just as good. Matthew can play, and teaches a variety styles of music such as classical, musical theatre, romantic, popular and modern dance songs on the piano. He has no snobbery to any music and will teach you the music that you wish to learn. Contact Matthew to start your first piano lesson in Cardiff today Matthew Clayton teaches piano in Cyncoed, Cardiff privately at home. He has a busy teaching schedule as he is the in-demand teacher in the area, teaching children and adults how to play and taking them through their piano grades. If you would like to see what Matthew has available why not make contact on 07967 836011 or email on

The benefits of learning how to play the piano Learning how to play the piano can relieve stress. It can keep the brain active and can considerable help cognitive skills. For children it can help them to accept criticism, learn a disicipine and help them gain confidence in achieving goals. Playing music is also a wonderful pass time and is a real blessing. Playing the piano has brought much joy to many lives- so why wait any longer? If you would like to sign up your children or yourself to lessons and live in Cardiff – then book a lesson today with Piano Tuition Cardiff

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