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Start Piano Lessons with Piano Tuition Cardiff in Cyncoed

Begin Piano Lessons with a good teacher in Cardiff

Learning how to play a new instrument can be a daunting task for you or your child, but it need not be if you have a good teacher. Matthew Clayton is a great piano teacher from Cardiff who has been giving piano lessons from his home in Cyncoed for over ten years. In his time teaching at home and in schools he must have taught well over 500 pupils how to play the piano. Many of them have gone on to enjoy the pleasures of playing the piano as well as pass graded piano music examinations. Some have gone on to advance their studies in music at university.

What will you learn in piano lessons with Matthew in Cardiff?

Matthew always starts his beginners off with simple tunes that will help them start to learn how to read music. Pupils build up confidence in putting two hands together while they learn about chords, scales and key signatures. As soon as they reach the grade 1 standard, they can then let Matthew know what type of music they would like to play and Matthew can tailor his piano lessons in Cardiff to suit the individual. Matthew often takes his pupils through the graded piano system – since teaching he has put through over 120 pupils and he proudly holds a 100% pass rate.

Contact Matthew today and begin lessons with Piano Tuition Cardiff

Call Matthew on 07967 836011 or email on and arrange your first piano lessons in Cyncoed, Cardiff today!

Looking for a piano teacher that you will be comfortable with can be an exhausting task. But rest assure, you will not be disappointed with Matthew. He is a very friendly and approachable piano teacher from Cardiff whose informal approach will immediately put you or your child at ease.

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