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Start Piano Lessons in Cardiff

Are you looking for a piano teacher in Cardiff?

Matthew Clayton is a piano teacher that goes under the name of Piano Tuition Cardiff. He has been delivering piano lessons to children and adults all over Cardiff in schools and at home, privately. Matthew is a great teacher who puts his pupils immediately at ease. Many of his students have thanked Matthew for his friendly teaching approach and have noted how many different styles and types of music they learn with him. Matthew often takes pupils through the graded exam approach, but he is just as comfortable teaching a pupil who only wants to learn for fun. How much are piano lessons with Matthew in Cardiff?

Matthew charges £13.50 per half hour lesson or £25 for the full hour. As you will find, this is a very reasonable fee. Matthew likes to keep his lessons affordable as he believes in a “music for all” principle. If you would like to cancel a lesson with Matthew, all he requires is 24 hours notice.

What will you learn with Piano Tuition Cardiff? Many piano teachers in Cardiff will have various approaches, but Matthew prides his teaching on learning in a non stressful environment. Matthew likes to keep his lessons fun, while at the same time ensuring that his pupils cover all areas of good posture and technique. Matthew will teach you various styles of piano music from Classical to rock and pop. Matthew graduated from Cardiff University in Music and has a strong knowledge of piano music and music theory. Matthew also teaches music theory for those wanting to take the theory grades. Book a piano lesson in Cardiff with Matthew today!

Many people think about taking lessons, but very few take the plunge, pick up the phone and begin learning a new skill. Many adults find the idea rather daunting – but with Matthew’s friendly teaching approach there is no need to feel that way. There are considerable benefits in learning and instrument whether you are an adult or a child. So if you like to book some piano lessons – call or text Matthew on 07967 836011 today!

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