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Start piano lessons in Cardiff

New appointments available for Matthew Clayton, Piano teacher in Cardiff

New slots have recently come available if you would like to take piano lessons in Cyncoed Cardiff. Matthew also takes on piano students from Heath, Whithchurch, Thornill and Lisvane who are looking for piano lessons in Cardiff.

Matthew is an accomplished piano teacher in Cardiff who has had 10 years experience of piano teaching. He has put a number of pupils successfully through their piano exams and also teaches adults as well as children up to and including the standard of Grade 8.

Recent slots have come available, so if you are looking for piano lessons in Cardiff, please contact Matthew on 07967 836011 or email on for more information about the timings of these available piano lessons.

Why take piano lessons with Matthew in Cardiff?

If you are living in Cardiff and want a friendly and experienced teacher, you need not look further than Matthew. Matthew is a thorough teacher that will cover all the aspects of good technique and posture – however, he is also a young and friendly teacher with a relaxed approach to teaching all style of music from classical to popular music. Matthew likes to introduce his pupils to lots of different styles of music and encourages his pupils to play a range of different genres of music when pupils are learning. This keeps lessons fun and enables pupils to enjoy the process of learning the piano.

Where does Matthew teach?

Matthew teaches from his home in Cyncoed, however if your children would like back to back lessons, he can travel to your home on certain days. You will be able to find out more information about this if you make an enquiry with the email listed above.

Matthew charges £13.50 per half hour lesson or £25 for the full hour. This is a reasonable rate set against his highest qualification of a post graduate diploma as well as a degree in music from Cardiff University.

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