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Start piano lessons at Piano Tuition Cardiff

If you are thinking about starting up piano lessons in Cardiff for you or your child, you have come to the right place. Matthew Clayton is an experienced piano teacher based in Cardiff that will be able to teach you all the right ways to learn piano. Matthew has two studios in Cardiff, one of which is in Cyncoed. There are many piano students over the years living in Cyncoed, Cardiff that have enjoyed attending piano lessons.

Matthew offers piano lessons for those who want to go through all the piano exams or for those who just want to learn how to play the piano for fun. Whatever your goals, you can discuss that early on with Matthew and no doubt he will be able to help you in the right direction. He has years of piano teaching experience and will also be able to point you in the right direction as to what keyboard, digital piano or real piano to buy that will suit your current level.

We are living in strange times since the Covid 19 crisis and that has meant that Matthew has had to adapt his teaching approach. Since the outbreak in the UK, Matthew has taught all his usual students from Cardiff through online piano lessons through FaceTime/skype or what's app video calls. While this is not the best way to have piano lessons, it has enabled his students to continue their studies and develop as musicians. Matthew has had feedback from his pupils and their parents that online piano lessons is actually beneficial in that they don't have to travel to their piano lessons and it has also helped students become more independent learners. ABRSM (the piano exam board) have now the option to sit exams at home via a recorded video, so this has also been welcome in ensuring students can develop and succeed musically in such a trying and testing time for all educational outlets.

Lots of people ask what kind of style does Matthew teach on the piano? And the truth is- all sorts of different styles. Matthew has a wide interest in all different types of piano music from romantic, classical music, ballads, chart music, jazz, blues, folk, country - you name it, Matthew has probably had experience performing it or teaching. This is one of the main reasons Matthew has become so popular as a piano teacher in Cardiff - he understands that while it is important to study classical music and get good technique through scales etc, it is equally important that students play music that they know and like and will have fun learning. Matthew's passion and teaching ethos is that "Music is to be enjoyed".

You can have a trial piano lesson with Matthew in Cardiff to see if you want to take up lessons on a permanent basis. Matthew will also be able to give you piano book suggestions and piano pieces that would be suitable for your current level.

Please click below to watch Matthew play the piano:

To make an enquiry with Matthew Clayton regarding piano lessons in Cardiff please contact on today

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