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Start online piano lessons today

Welcome to online piano lessons. The website that will provide you with a great piano teacher- Matthew Clayton that will enable you to become a very competent pianist. Matthew teaches beginner piano lessons and advanced piano lessons - he has over ten years teaching under his belt so has the experience to offer you great advice. Matthew will introduce ways to practise and tackle difficult bits of the piano pieces that you are learning. There are key fast track ways in order for you to progress quickly as a musician. Matthew will introduce ways in which you can practise patterns, specific chords and scales and grooves that will help you sound like a pro pianist in no time at all. All you require is a good internet connection, a piano/keyboard and phone or computer that can support video calls. The lessons will take place over the video call. Matthew began teaching though this method since the coronavirus outbreak, and it has taken off, putting Matthew as one of the most in demand piano teachers online. He can now offer his breadth of experience to a global audience, and many people from all over the world are taking up the chance to have online piano lessons with him at the very reasonable rate of $25 per half hour lesson.

If you are complete beginner and don’t know where to start with the piano - even down to what piano or keyboard will be suitable to start with, Matthew has all the advice. He has taught pupils from complete beginner to ABRSM Grade 8 standard. Matthew’s recent students have achieved distinction at the grade 8 level. Matthew’s pupils like his way of friendly, calm but detailed teaching. He has taught pupils from a variety of backgrounds and skill level, so has built up over time a range of teaching approaches that work with different types of pupils. He has taught the young and old and has various on hand educational methods that help a great deal in the students progression. He has even designed a course to help other teachers get the best out of their pupils.

So why not start up online piano lessons with Matthew and take the advantage of having lessons with a brilliant teacher. Lessons can take place from the comfort from your own home. Lots of his pupils have commented on the numerous advantages of having their piano lessons online - many of his students say they would have quit by now if it was not for the convenience of just switching on the lap top and the lessons beginning straight away.

Email today and start online piano lessons!

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