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If you are looking for a brilliant online piano teacher who will help you learn and memorise scales, chords, chord progressions and help you learn how to read piano sheet music, you have come to the right place. There are lots of places online that give keyboard and piano lessons for absolute beginners and beyond. But it is important to find a teacher that is firstly professionally qualified and secondly someone who you could get along with. Matthew Clayton offers half hour lessons via a video call. He has had a lot of experience giving online piano tutorials teaching piano students how to play easy piano songs. He has also over ten years of experience teaching in schools and in his private piano studio in the UK. He offers online piano lessons for adults and kids. They will follow a set curriculum that Matthew has tried and tested for years. With Matthew, you be able to improve in no time at all, you will noticeable be a better piano player within just a few weeks of lessons. Matthew will help you learn the keyboard or piano online, and also encourage you to practise regularly. Some people will tell you it took them years to learn the piano - but that may be because they didn’t have a teacher that knew the ways to ensure they pupils develop quickly. Matthew knows all the fast track ways in which you can learn piano. This is because he keeps his first few lessons to the absolute essentials and allows you to have a god at playing pieces you already know in the charts. Some piano teachers bore their students by playing endless classical music that puts their students off in the early years. Matthew finds if you let students play fun music in the beginning, they will come to the more serious classical pieces later in their development. All of Matthew’s previous piano students have been grateful in having lessons with him. He speaks clearly in the online video lessons and gives clear instructions of what to do. Students don’t have any difficulty understanding Matthew as he speaks in clear English. If you would like to see what previous students have said about Matthew, please click on the above home page where you can read testimonials.

If you would like to start online piano lessons with Matthew today, please send an email to Matthew on

You will then be able to set a time that is convenient for both of you and the lessons can begin straight away. It won’t be a very long time until you playing wonderful piano music for your friends and family.

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