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Start learning how to play the piano online

If you are a beginner at the piano, or have made a start and want to improve your piano technique - you have come to the right place. Matthew Clayton offers online piano lessons globally. Matthew originally only offered piano lessons in his home studio in the UK, but since the coronavirus outbreak has come to offer online piano lessons on a global scale through video call through WhatsApp or Facetime. He will teach you everything you need to know to make a good start in learning the new instrument. During the piano lessons, you will learn how to read music and associate a written note on the score to a key on the piano. You will learn different types of rhythms and how play hands together at the same time. You will learn basic piano pieces in the initial hand positions, but in a matter of months you will be able to play pleasing tunes. You will start by learning all the white keys on the piano. You will learn how to count beats, finger numbers, piano technique, posture and how to sit at the piano. Matthew recommends that if you are considering lessons, you have a 30 minute lesson once a week. He has taught hundreds of piano students in his home studio, and in schools and colleges. Matthew graduated in music from Cardiff University in the UK. Matthew has performed as a soloist and in bands over the years and has a broad interest in music from classical to rock and jazz. You can expect to have a broad music education if you take lessons with Matthew - he will improve your technique by introducing you to a wide range of music. You will learn how to play songs that are in the charts, you will learn film music such as piano music from Jurassic Park and Lord of the rings, and you will also learn classical music by Mozart and Beethoven.

If you would like an online piano lesson, all you will need to do is email Matthew to check on availability - then you can transfer the fee through PayPal before the lesson. Matthew will recommend a book for you to study from that will suit your standard. All you will require is a mobile phone that can support video calls. The lessons will take place on FaceTime or whatsapp video. Matthew has a stable internet connection so you will see a good quality video and audio from his side of the connection.

At the end of each lesson, you will be given clear instructions about what to work on in your practise for that following week before the next lesson. Scale and arpeggio practice is encouraged by Matthew and will improve you as a piano player a great deal. If you would like further information about what is included in the lessons and to check Matthew’s availability, please send an email to You do not even have to book out and pay for a set of group lessons. You can pay as you go per lesson to see if you enjoy lessons with Matthew and can stop lessons at any time. Matthew teaches call ages from 8/9 year olds. Matthew will need to permission and consent of their parents or guardian in order for them to take part in online piano lessons.

Matthew charges $30 per half hour online piano lesson.

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