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If you are looking for fun and interesting piano lessons in Cardiff, you may wish to consider the fantastic piano teacher Matthew Clayton.

Matthew teaches piano from home in Cyncoed Cardiff and has built up one of the most popular piano teaching studios in Cardiff since he graduated from the music department at Cardiff University in 2009.

Matthew can teach piano in a range of different styles. Some like to learn classical music, while other prefer more popular modern styles of playing. Matthew tailors his piano teaching to suit the student. Matthew has a friendly and relaxed approach to teaching the piano putting all his pupils at ease in a comfortable environment.

Matthew sets tasks for the pupil at the end of the lesson, instructing them what they need to practise for the following lesson. Most of Matthew’s make fast progress on the piano – and he proudly holds a 100% pass rate of graded examinations by all his pupils.

Contact Matthew for a trail piano lesson in Cyncoed Cardiff today!

If you would like to book a trial lesson you can email Matthew on or call or text on 07967 836011

Watch Matthew play the piano

If you click the video below you will be able to see a demonstration video of Matthew playing the piano. This may interest you if you are considering piano lessons in Cardiff.

Why learn how to play the piano?

There are many benefits that come from learning how to play the piano. Firstly, it is great fun learning how to play a new instrument. Setting yourself a goal and achieving can be a great thrill for the adult or child. More than that, for children in particular, learning how to play the piano increases a child’s confidence and develops their communication skills.

Learning how to play the piano with a great teacher like Matthew from Cardiff is what the beginner needs. It is also worth noting that Matthew also teaches music theory from his piano teaching studio in Cyncoed, Cardiff. For more information about this, it is worth contacting him on the phone number above.

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