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Piano Tuition in Cyncoed Cardiff

If you are looking for an experienced piano teach in Cyncoed Cardiff you have come to the right place. Matthew Clayton offers piano lessons to those living in the Cyncoed area of Cardiff and beyond. He has been a piano teacher in Cyncoed Cardiff for over ten years and in that time has taught over one hundred students. You can read what many of the students have said about their experience of Matthew's piano lessons in the testimonials section on the home page. As you will be able to read, many have enjoyed their piano lessons and have enjoyed the challenge of learning how to play the piano. Many students are thankful that they took lessons with Matthew and learnt the proper way rather than learning from youtube. Matthew introduces his pupils to all kinds of music - a lot of his students also enjoy preparing for and taking the graded piano exams. This type of progression through the grades works particularly well for the younger learners who will enjoy having a reward of the certificate at every grade in their musical journey.

So if you are living in the Cardiff area and are looking for expert piano tuition at whatever level - if you are an absolute beginner or if you want to get to grade 8 - please contact Matthew on 07967 836011

Piano lessons in Cyncoed Cardiff with Matthew will include learning fun pieces as well as classic piano music. You will learn how to read music, learning what all the symbols and dots mean. You will also learn how to play scales, and learn finger exercise that will help a great deal in your piano playing. During piano lessons in Cyncoed Cardiff with Matthew you will learn pop songs, classical music, rock songs, jazz and blues as well as music from the shows. Matthew likes to teach a range of music so there is something for everyone to enjoy. Enjoyment is the fundamental thing in music and Matthew recognises that and reflects that in his piano teaching. Matthew allows his pupils to bring piano sheet music along to their piano lessons so they have an element of choice in the music they study. There are lots of "easy" versions of songs that are particularly popular with beginner pianists. You don't need a piano at home to start piano lessons - you can learn at home on a keyboard, but the lessons you will have with Matthew will take place on a new Kawai piano.

So whatever age you are, at whatever level - whether you want to follow the path of exams, or just learn how to play piano songs for fun, as a hobby - Matthew Clayton would love to hear from you. To book a piano lesson with Matthew in Cyncoed Cardiff, please contact Matthew on

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