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Piano Lessons on the web

There are many ways today with advancements in modern technology for you to learn, practise and master the piano. You no longer have to actually visit your piano teacher in person to receive lessons - this can be done all over the internet. Matthew Clayton gives lessons for those who are complete beginners right up to those studying grade 8 piano. He gives online piano lessons through video calls that work in exactly the same way as a real lesson in person. With Matthew you will learn how to play confidently, how to improvise and learn music theory and different rhythms. Matthew has a bachelor degree in music with hons. He has played piano all his life since a young boy and has a real passion for music in general. This now rubs off onto his student. Some piano teachers online teach the piano for the money to get paid and put a roof over their heads. While that is important, it is clear Matthew does not online teach piano for the money, he gets joy from his pupils doing well and starting off a life long musical journey with the piano.

If you take online piano lessons with Matthew, one of the things you will get good at is the ability to sight reading. In music sight reading means being able to play a piece of music that you have not seen before. Those who can sight read have an advantage over those who don’t as they can pick up new music quickly from sight. It makes learning more fun and those who can sightread will often be able to play a wide range of music. Matthew helps his pupils improve their sight reading by giving at least one sight reading exercise per lesson. Other piano teachers don’t do this as regularly and only cram it in before the exam at last minute which is not a good idea.

If you are into jazz and blues music Matthew will be able to teach you how to improvise and introduce you to some of the best blues and jazz piano composers. You will have fun working your way through the set repertoire. If you prefer a more classical approach, Matthew will introduce you to the works of Chopin, Mozart and Schumann. Or maybe you want to learn pop music by the latest chart artists - whatever it may be, Matthew will be able to give you a step by step approach in his online video piano lessons for you to achieve your goals.

If you would like to start up online piano lessons with Matthew please email on

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