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Piano Lessons in Cyncoed, Cardiff

If you are looking for a good piano lessons in Cyncoed, Cardiff you have come to the right place. Matthew Clayton is a piano teacher based in Cyncoed that has over 10 years of piano teaching experience. He comes highly recommended by all his pupils who have achieved success at the piano personally and in their graded exams. Matthew allows his pupils to set their own goals- because he is young he can adapt to different music and the different way each child learns the piano. Long gone of the days of a dreadfully strict piano teacher who would force their pupils only to play classical music. Matthew is from a modern breed of teachers whereby he will introduce his pupils into an array of different styles of music from pop, classical and jazzy/bluesy music.

Matthew's students have great fun learning how to play the piano - Matthew believe pupils should never dread their piano lessons, but instead look forward to them and strive to learn how to play the piano well. Matthew has a selection of fun pieces that have worked well with his pupils over the years, and he is very knowledgable about which piano books would suit different ages and abilities.

While most of Matthew's younger pupils go through the graded ABRSM path, it is not compulsory, and many older students, particularly adults who just want to learn how to play the piano for the fun of it, choose not to sit the exams. Matthew has lots of older learners on his books who are so very glad they choose to take up piano lessons with him in Cyncoed at has enabled them to develop a new hobby and give them a new lease of life. Matthew always tells people it is "never to late to learn the piano" to adults who say "I wish I learnt when I was younger"

Matthew graduated in Music from Cardiff University and has gone on to set up one of Cardiff's most popular private piano teaching studios from his home in Cyncoed. So if you are in Cardiff and want to start piano lessons do get in touch today by emailing or call/text on 07967 836011

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