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Piano Lessons in Cyncoed Cardiff

Piano Lessons now available in Cyncoed, Cardiff

Matthew Clayton has been teaching piano in Cardiff for about ten years since he graduated in music from Cardiff University in 2009. He is an experienced teacher who has taught pupils from 5 to 65. People start piano lessons with Matthew in Cardiff for a variety of different reasons- some like their children to go through the graded piano system, others just want to learn how to play the piano as a hobby- just playing the pieces they have always wanted to learn. Matthew is a versatile musician who can adapt his teaching style to various requirements and standards. He is just as happy teaching Beethoven as he is teaching Ed Sheeran. Music has always been his passion since he began playing when he was six years old. Matthew often says he has his dream job as he now passes on his enthusiasm of music to the next generation. Matthew also teaches piano in local schools and colleges. He also performs as a solo pianist and as part of band for various events and weddings.

How much does Matthew charge per lessons for piano lessons in Cyncoed, Cardiff

Matthew charges £13.50 per half hour lesson, or £25 for the full hour. Most of Matthew’s pupils come for a piano lesson once a week. Some adults choose to come every other week. If pupils have a piano exam coming, sometimes they have extra piano lessons on the weekend in preparation. If you would like to cancel a piano lesson for whatever reason, Matthew requires 24 hours notice and then you will not be charged for that lesson.

Book a lesson with Matthew today and begin learning the piano

If you would like to check Matthew’s availability please call on 07967 836011 or email on He will then get back to you promptly to arrange a piano lesson. If you are living in Cardiff and are wanting piano lessons, don’t hesitate and further and get in contact with Matthew today.

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