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Piano Lessons in Cardiff

There are now available appointments for piano lessons in Cardiff with an experienced piano teacher. Pianist, Matthew Clayton from Cardiff currently has available some appointments in his piano teaching schedule to take on new students in Cardiff. Matthew offers piano lessons in his home in Cyncoed, Cardiff as well as online piano lessons via video calls.

Learning the piano is such a fun activity, and Matthew brings warmth, good humour and friendliness in his piano teaching. Matthew is a young piano teacher who adopts a more modern approach to piano teaching. Matthew's students will become familiar with lots of different styles of piano music and will grow in confidence and become good musicians. Matthew ensures he instills fun into his piano lessons by teaching popular styles as well as more traditional classical pieces. Matthew's students go on to have an application of music and enjoy playing the piano for fun and enjoyment.

Lots of Matthew's students enter for grade exams, and he still proudly holds a 100% pass rate with all his pupils since he began teaching the piano in 2009. Taking up a new instrument and starting piano lessons can be a daunting task, but with Piano Tuition Cardiff, Matthew will put you at ease to you can learn in a relaxed environment. Matthew teaches children from 7 years old and upwards and adult learners. All abilities are welcome to begin piano lessons with Matthew in Cardiff. He is a popular piano teacher in Cardiff because he understands that every pupil progresses at a different rate, and his doesn't put too much pressure on his students - encouraging them to enjoy playing. Matthew understands every pupil is different and he will tailor his teaching to suit them.

If you have any questions about what the lessons entail, what piano books you need to buy, or what type of piano or keyboard you will need to purchase to practise at home, it is worth contacting Matthew directly on 07967 836011 for further information. Matthew has years of piano teaching experience and will be able to give you expert advice. His current fee is £13.50 per half hour lesson. Matthew teaches piano from his home in Cyncoed Cardiff, but lots of his pupils come from the surrounding areas such as Heath, Llanishen, Thornhill, Lakeside, Pontprennau and Whitchurch.

Children who have started piano lessons with Matthew, have improved in other areas in their education. Learning to play can help improve concentration levels and bring young children out of their shell. Giving children the opportunity to set goals for themselves and achieve success is a wonderful thing- and children have been learning how to play the piano for decades - it has never gone out of fashion because it is such a wonderfully fruitful activity that stays with people for life.

So if you are living in Cardiff and looking for a brilliant piano teacher - do contact Matthew on email:

Please click below to watch Matthew play the piano:

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