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Piano Lessons in Cardiff

Welcome to Piano Tuition Cardiff, the home of piano teacher Matthew Clayton from Cardiff. Matthew is piano teacher based in Cyncoed, Cardiff and gives piano and keyboard lessons to all ages and abilities. He is a very popular piano teacher, and has set up one of the most successfully piano teaching studios from his home in Cyncoed. Whether you want to learn piano in a classical style or popular chart music, or even jazz, folk or musical theatre- Matthew will be the perfect piano teacher for you.

The first steps in learning a new instrument can be a daunting task and finding a good, professional and friendly teacher is vital in achieving your goals. Matthew's students have all enjoyed the piano lessons he gives because they are "fun". He likes to keep his lessons upbeat and his students will often have more than one piano piece on the go at one time so they don't get bored. Matthew will teach in a variety of styles to ensure his students have a variety of different styles of music that they can play. He also likes to introduce his students to styles that they were unaware of before his lessons.

The majority of Matthew's students will take a half hour lesson per week at the cost of £13.50. Even though Matthew is educated up to Post Graduate level, Matthew likes to keep his fees as low as possible to ensure pupils from all backgrounds can have access to his music lessons.

Matthew has been teaching for over 10 years and has put through over 140 of his pupils through their graded ABRSM piano exams. Matthew teaches people who have had no experience in reading music and who are absolute beginners. Just after a few lessons with Matthew they will know the basics of note reading and be able to attempt good pieces of music.

If you would like to buy lessons as a gift, Matthew can give vouchers that can be used. Matthew has some pupils on his books that started learning by using a voucher, and have gone to to study the piano with Matthew and have now turned into great players.

The piano has never gone out of fashion - it was just as popular in Beethoven's day as it is in 2020. Learning an instrument is such as joy and the piano has so much to offer. It is one of the few instruments that you can play lots of notes and one time. Children and adults have all said that they owe a lot to Matthew who has made his piano lessons interesting and something to look forward to in the week

If you would like to start up piano lessons in Cardiff with Matthew, please call on 07967 836011

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