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Piano Lessons in Cardiff

Start learning how to play the piano with Piano Lessons in Cardiff

If you are thinking about taking up the piano for you or your child, you have come to the right place – the home of Piano Tuition Cardiff. Matthew Clayton is a great piano teacher from Cardiff how has nearly 10 years experience of teaching all age groups.

Matthew charges £13.50 per half hour lesson, which is a reasonable and competitive rate. Matthew likes to keep his lessons affordable so he can give as many students the opportunity to learn without too much expense.

Why learn how to play the piano with Piano Lessons Cardiff?

There are many benefits for children and adults in learning how to play the piano. Firstly, it develops ones cognitive skills. Secondly, it can build your confidence. Also, the main thing is that being able to play the piano is such a fun thing. Children and adults across the world have experienced great joy in playing their favourite popular or classical pieces.

Where does Matthew teach piano in Cardiff?

Matthew teaches piano from home in Cyncoed, Cardiff. It some circumstances he will travel to pupils houses for back to back lessons. But in the main, pupils will travel to Cyncoed Cardiff for piano lessons with Matthew. Matthew lives in the convenient area off Cyncoed Road- so you will not have problems getting to your appointments, even in peak traffic.

Contact Matthew today to arrange your first piano lesson

If you are living in Cardiff, and are wanting good piano lessons by an experienced teacher, then contact Matthew today to arrange a lesson by calling on 07967 836011 or emailing on

You will be able to arrange with Matthew a convenient time for your piano lessons.

Matthew is an experienced teacher who has put through numerous pupils through their graded exams. He is a friendly teacher who makes piano lessons fun, so you will not dread your lessons. Matthew also is a young teacher who is happy to teach classic and pop music.

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