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Piano Lessons for Adults and Children in Cardiff

Looking for music piano lessons in Cardiff?

Finding a good, reliable piano teacher can be a tough process. However, if you are looking for a good piano teacher based in the Cardiff area, you should consider Matthew Clayton who has been teaching piano and music theory for around ten years to various age groups and abilities. Matthew can teach the beginner who has no previous knowledge of the piano, as well as teaching those who want to take up more advance piano.

The reason why Matthew is such a popular piano teacher in Cardiff is because he has a wide interest in music genres and styles – this is very appealing to the learner, as he will introduce his pupils to rock, pop, classical, country and many more styles in his lessons.

He is also very good at helping his pupils get through the graded ABRSM process. He has put through over 120 pupils and they have all passed with passes, merits and distinctions. While Matthew is very proud of that record he also appreciated exams are not for everyone, as some people, particularly adult learners, just want to learn the piano for fun and learn enjoyable pieces without sitting any “stressful exams”.

How much does Matthew charge for piano lessons?

Matthew charges £13.50 per half hour lesson. This is a reasonable rate considering his qualifications and the area in which he teaches. However, Matthew does believe in trying to keep his prices down in order to keep music lessons available to as many people as possible.

Matthew graduated in music from Cardiff University in 2009 – he has a degree and postgraduate degree in music.

Contact Matthew today

If you are living in Cardiff, you should definitely consider Matthew- he teaches under the name of “Piano Tuition Cardiff”. So if you are looking for piano lessons in Cardiff please call or message Matthew today on 07967 836011

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