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Piano Lessons available in Cardiff

Are you looking for a good piano teacher in Cardiff? Learning the piano is a great thing. The piano is still one of the most popular instruments that people want to learn how to play- young and old. If you are looking for a well qualified and friendly piano teacher in Cardiff, please consider Matthew Clayton who teaches piano from home in Cyncoed, Cardiff. He has been teaching under the umbrella of “Piano Tuition Cardiff” for the last 9 years and is now running one of the most popular private piano music practices in Cardiff. There great thing about taking lessons with Matthew is that you will learn piano music in all styles – including classical, popular, blues, folk, musical, broadway and film style. Some of Matthew’s pupils like to learn how to play for fun as a hobby, and others choose to go through the formal approach of taking the graded exam. Matthew has great outcomes with both approaches. He recognises that music is fun, and should be enjoyed and training to be a musician can have various approaches. It is worth pointing out that Matthew has a 100% pass rate with those candidates he has entered for graded piano exams. Matthew charges £13.50 per half hour piano lesson from his home in Cardiff. Lessons normally take place on a weekly basis. Contact Matthew today and book your first piano lesson in Cyncoed, Cardiff

Contact Matthew today on 07967 836011 or email on Matthew will then be able to give you various options of availability. As soon as you are given an appointment, you will be able to keep that appointment for the remainder of the year. Why learn the piano? It has been proven that children in particular benefit enormously from taking up a musical instrument. Not only does it help them develop their cognitive skills, it also develops their confidence and teaches them good life skills. Putting hard work into something and developing a new skill and seeing good rewards is something that is too often missing in todays education. Learning an instrument is not just for the young. Matthew teaches many retired pupils in Cardiff who want to keep their brain working. The joys of music are endless. There really is nothing better than taking up a new instrument and enjoying the large amount of piano music out there today.

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