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Piano Lessons at Piano Tuition Cardiff

New appointments have arisen with piano teacher Matthew Clayton. If you are searching for great piano teacher in the Cardiff area for you or your child, you should definitely consider piano tuition in Cardiff. Matthew has a wealth of experience teaching music in schools and colleges as well as setting up a successfully private piano studio from his home in Cyncoed Cardiff. Whether you or your child want to learn for fun or exams, Matthew will teach you how to play the piano the correct way. He has years of experience teaching children and adults from Grade 1 standard to grade 8. Matthew teaches all styles of music from musicals to pop music to classical music. Some adults also enjoy learning piano music from the movies. Whatever your interests you musically, Matthew will encourage you learn music in that style at it is so important in the beginning to keep things fun so you remain enthusiastic about putting in the practice. Most of Matthew's piano students attend a half hour weekly piano lessons in his home in Cardiff. He will then set a piece or couple of pieces and exercises for you to practise on during the week before you next piano lesson.

Students start up the piano at different ages. There is no one set age that one can begin learning the piano. Matthew takes pupils from age 7 years and upwards - this is to ensure they know their alphabet and can hold concentration levels for the duration of the piano lesson. Young learners normally find that 20 minute lessons are suffice in the beginning, then normally rise to 30 minute lessons when they reach the Grade 1 standard and are putting both hands together. Some advanced learners, and adult learners (even beginners) benefit from a one hour lesson per week. Matthew charges £13.50 per half hour lesson and £25 per hour lesson. These are very reasonable prices considering Matthew's experience and his educated in music up to Post Graduate Diploma level - Matthew likes to keep his prices as affordable as possible to allow students from all backgrounds to attend piano lessons with him in Cardiff.

So, if you are looking for a good piano teacher in Cardiff, why not get in contact with Matthew to arrange your first piano lesson? Also, if you'd prefer your lessons to take place online- Matthew also offers that service. The tuition is exactly the same but instead of face to face it takes place over a video call using WhatsApp or FaceTime. Whatever your preference, no doubt Matthew will be able to meet your needs. It is also worth noting that Matthew is DBS checked and is an approved tutor through Gwent Music Service. He comes highly recommended and it is worth visiting his home page showing testimonials.

To book your first piano lesson with Matthew in Cardiff email on or text or call on 07967 836011

The video below shows Matthew playing the piano:

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