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Piano Class Cardiff

If you are thinking about learning how to play the piano and looking for a good quality piano class in Cardiff you have come to the right place. Matthew Clayton gives one to one piano lessons from his home in Cyncoed, Cardiff. He has been teaching for many years and has seen his pupils develop into great musicians. Matthew teaches all age groups and abilities. It is true to say that you learn far more via individual tuition than you would in a big keyboard class with other learners. It can be tempting for piano beginners to join a big class with other learners, but the truth is the teacher can only give their individual time for a limited period. If you take one to one personal piano lessons with Matthew in Cardiff, he will be able to tailor his teaching to exact way of learning. Each learner develops at a different rate and wants tot learn different styles of music. Matthew will encourage his piano students to practice in-between lessons as that is way pupils are really developing. He set tasks for his pupils to complete in the week and then will help them improve during the lessons.

If you or your child would like to sit the graded piano exams through the ABRSM, that is possible through Matthew's teaching. He has entered over 140 piano students successfully through their piano exams. However, learning how to play the piano is not all about sitting piano exams - it is about enjoying how to play and learning different styles of music via reading sheet music and playing by ear and improvising.

Finding a good quality piano teacher to suit you or your childs needs can be a difficult find. You should consider Matthew Clayton because he has years of teaching students in schools and at home in his teaching studio, he is friendly and outgoing and is qualified in music up to Post Graduate Diploma level. Matthew graduated from Cardiff University in 2009, and if you'd like to find out more about his biography, please click in the "about" section at the top of this website. All students from all backgrounds and abilities are welcome to start piano lessons with Matthew in Cardiff. Lessons are charged at £13.50 per half hour and are given on a weekly basis. Piano students will usually attend Matthew's home, but he also now offers online tuition. All you need to start online piano tuition is a phone or iPad that supports video calls and the lesson can take place remotely in your home.

To book your first piano lesson with Matthew in Cardiff please message on 07967 836011

Click below to watch Matthew play the piano:

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