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Online starter piano lessons

It is important that a beginner understands the geography of the piano keyboard. Notes on the piano are grouped into 12 notes that run in alphabetic order from A to G. Each group of notes on the piano has 7 white keys and 5 black keys - this is then repeated up the piano. The most important note to begin with is the middle C, in the middle of the piano just to the left hand side f the two black notes. There are lots of C’s on the piano but most beginners begin with the middle C when learning how to play. The black notes on the piano are the flats and sharps - in sheet music you will see the sharp sign # and the flat sign b which tell the performer to play a black note on the piano. When the group of 12 notes are repeated higher up the piano this is known as an octave higher. These will make a higher sound as they contain higher pitches. This is true if you can see the group of 12 notes lower that would be known as an octave lower. When reading notes on the musical score you will see that notes are placed onto a stave. In piano music you have two clefs - a treble and a bass clef. This is because in general, your right hand plays the treble clef and the left hand plays the bass clef. You will have higher notes in the treble clef as you right hand is playing further up the piano, and then you will have lower notes in the bass clef.

There are many ways to learn the piano. The traditional method has always been to start lessons with a piano teacher. However, with the blessing of the advancement of communication technology it is now possible to have online piano lessons through a video call. When searching online for an online piano teacher, you should look for all the things that you would normally look for for lessons in person such as Are they well qualified? Do they have a lot of experience piano teaching? Can you see videos of them playing?

If you are looking for top quality online piano lessons, you should defiantly look at having them with Matthew Clayton. Matthew took his piano teaching studio online during the coronavirus pandemic. Many of his pupils prefer the option of taking lessons through the internet. Lessons can be more flexible and they don’t have to travel to Matthew’s house to receive the piano lesson. All you will need is a stable internet connection and a phone or device that supports video calls. Mathew will recommend tutor books that you can buy that will aid your progression in learning the piano.

Click the video below to watch Matthew play the piano:

So do get in contact with Matthew today by emailing for further information and availability regarding online piano lessons.

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