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Online Piano Lessons

If you are looking for an experienced musician with a music degree, you may wish to consider online piano lessons with Matthew Clayton. You can guarantee if you study piano with Matthew, you will have all styles of music covered - you will learn instrumental technique through the tunes that you’ve always wanted to play. Matthew teaches all ages groups, but the recommended age is over 7 year olds. Matthew is a professional piano tutor who has very flexible teaching hours - he is quick to respond to any questions on enquiries that you may have. High quality professional piano lessons can be difficult to find - however, you can now learn with Matthew through video online lesson. You can pay as you go on a weekly basis. You will receive tailored lessons for you- Matthew will discuss your favourite type of music from the outset so you will have fun progressing at music that you love. All type of students are welcome with Matthew whether that be learners who just want to learn for fun, or those who wish to progress through the grades. Get in touch, achieve your goals and book your first online piano lesson with Matthew today! Matthew teaches young students and the more mature students -all levels and abilities are welcome to start piano lessons.

Matthew includes music theory teaching as part of the main lessons - but you can book out separate music theory lessons with Matthew up to the grade 5 standard. So if you want to learn about harmonic/melodic minor scales, major scales, key signatures, intervals, how to transpose and naming chords, please get in touch with Matthew regarding music theory lessons.

If you are having difficulty choosing the right keyboard or piano to start piano lessons - Matthew is on hand to advice you on the different types of piano - and what would suit you for your current level of playing to take part in online piano lessons.

So why put off your goal of learning the piano any longer? Music should be enjoyed, and learning a new instrument can be a wonderful thing. No one regrets taking up a new instrument as it can bring so much joy into peoples lives. It is never too late to learn the piano. Some of Matthew’s pupils are retired adults looking for the next challenge in their lives.

So if you would like to send an enquiry in today - please contact Matthew on

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