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Online Piano Lessons

Online piano lessons are just as effective as piano lessons in person. With the advancement of computer and phone technology and video conferencing most of us already have in our the ability to begin online lessons right away. You will not need to buy any extra adits or add ons providing you have an internet connection and a relatively new phone that can support video calls. Many other services are offered online, but piano teaching is one of the later things to start online- perhaps because it is quite a traditional skill and we are used to visiting our piano teachers home. The truth is, you can be anywhere in the world now and receive lessons with some of the best piano teachers from your own home.

Matthew Clayton offers piano lessons for the beginners and the more advanced. Whether you want to learn pop music, church music, chart music, jazz music, musicals, classical music or music from films, Matthew will be able to teach you and help you a great deal in your piano playing. The piano has remained one of the most popular instruments to learn - that is because it creates such a wonderful sound and also it has never gone out of fashion with musicians all over the world. The ability to sit at the piano and play some of your favourite songs is something many all over the world find a very appealing thing to do. But lots of people just do not know where to start with their piano learning - they end up following youtube courses and often start picking up bad habits. If you have online piano lessons with Matthew Clayton you will be learning the piano the correct way. Matthew is one of the most popular online piano lesson providers - he has a friendly approach to music making and puts his students at ease during the lesson. He also teaches you music theory along the way, but not in a boring traditional way. With Matthew, not only will you develop your piano playing ability, but you will also begin a love for music making in general. The other important thing to remember is that it is never too late to learn piano - some of Matthew’s students have started learning the piano in their 50s, 60s and 70s and can now play some great piano music.

Click below to watch Matthew play the piano:

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