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Online Music Theory Lesson

Are you looking for a music teacher who teaches music theory?

It can be very hard trying to find a teacher who specialises in music theory, as many private tutors do not teach beyond Grade 5. Matthew Clayton, who graduated in music from Cardiff University in 2009, specialises in music theory and teach pupils Grade 6-8 in line with the ABRSM syllabus. Grade 6 music theory requires a further understanding of harmony. Matthew will encourage you to purchase Butterworth’s book entitled ‘Harmony’ which includes many musical examples and questions for you to work through. This book will be useful for any student studying grades 6,7 or 8. Not only will Matthew mark your work, but he will also explain why your may have got a question wrong. He will encourage you to achieve the very highest marks within your theory examination. It is also worth noting that even if you don’t want to sit any exams, you can also have lessons with Matthew, where he will cover theoretical music topics to improve your general understanding of music. This can help people who are wanted to compose on the piano or guitar. Matthew can teach you chord theory including typical chord progressions that will aid your creativity. Why is it a good idea to sit the Grade 6 theory exam? Pupils who are applying to universities and conservatoires, in many cases may not have studied A-Level music. However, most music colleges, including the Royal Academy in London, accept grade 8 theory and practical as a substitute. Much of what you study in the higher theory grades is covered in the A-Level syllabus, so it is advantageous if you are studying or about to embark on the A-level course. If you are applying to study music at a particularly good university that has limited spaces, your application may very well stand out if you have passed all your theory grades. It will also show your dedication and discipline to your studies, and that can set you apart from other candidates who are also applying for the same course.

How can I book music theory lessons with Matthew Clayton? If you live locally in Cardiff, you can have your lesson in Matthew’s private home studio. However, if you live further afield, you can have your theory lessons through Skype at the same cost of £23 per hour. Matthew will supply you with bank details where you can transfer this amount to him before the lessons commence. You are more than welcome to pay as you go and pay for each lesson as you require it. For example, some students may have a good knowledge of most of the course, but want further help with the composition question. Matthew can give specific lessons regarding specific topics that you are finding difficult. So, if you would like to book theory lessons with Matthew, then please click here today.

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