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New appointments available for Piano Lessons in Cyncoed, Cardiff

Matthew Clayton has new available half hour slots in his teaching schedule for those wanting piano lessons in Cyncoed, Cardiff. When looking for a good piano teacher in Cardiff you will want to know if they are friendly, reliable and well qualified. Matthew ticks all these boxes. Matthew always had a big passion and interest in Music. After completing his grade 8 exam on piano and A Level music, Matthew went to study music at Cardiff University. He graduated in 2009 then went on to successfully complete a post graduate diploma in music from the Open University. Since graduating Matthew set up Piano Tuition Cardiff, teaching piano from his home in Cyncoed. Matthew's approach to piano teaching is from a place of fun and enjoyment and this comes across in his teaching - in his experience, he has learnt that his pupils progress at their best in a relaxed envirnoment. Matthew teaches students of various abilities on the piano from complete beginners to more advanced students.

Students are welcome to start up piano lessons in Cardiff with Matthew from age 7 and upwards. Whatever you or your childs musical interest, Matthew will tailor his teaching to ensure that interesting styles of music are covered as well as learning all the technical classical music techqniues. If you take piano lessons with Piano Tuition Cardiff you can relax in the knowledge that you will be learning how to play the correct way. Matthew will ensure you don't pick up bad habits so you can progress at quick rate. Matthew encourages his students to play simple hands together pieces early on. Maintaining an interest during your learning process is the key to success. Matthew always says that as long as his students put in regular practise (about 15-20 minutes per day) there is no reason why they can't be playing all the piano pieces they have always wanted to play in no time at all.

New appointments have become available so if you would like to make an enquiry with Matthew, please contact him on or call on 07967 836011

If you have any questions such as what is involved during piano lessons and what piano books to buy, Matthew will be more than happy to answer all your questions. He will normally be able to get back to you within at least 24 hours.

Watch Matthew play the piano by clicking below:

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