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Music Theory teacher in Cardiff

Are you looking for a music theory teacher in Cardiff?

It is well known that if you are sitting the ABRSM graded exams, you cannot move onto Grade 6 practical unless you have passed the Grade 5 theory exam. This can be a stumbling block for many students as lots of teachers don’t introduce theory until a late stage in a students progression, or some instrumental teachers may not teach music theory at all.

If you are looking for a well qualified, friendly music theory teacher in Cardiff, then please contact Matthew Clayton via or call on 07967 836011. Matthew gives individual music theory lessons for children or adults and prepares students for the grade 5 music theory exam. Matthew’s individual specialism is piano, however, you maybe studying a different instrument such as the violin, flute or cello and need to pass the grade 5 theory music exam. If you are living in the Cardiff area and are looking for theory lessons, Matthew Clayton would be a good person to try as he has achieved a 100% success rate with all candidates he has entered for exams since 2009.

How much does Matthew charge for music theory lessons in Cardiff?

Matthew charges £13.50 per half hour lesson or £25 for a full hour. Matthew also offers the service of marking your past paper exam answers for £6 per exam. Matthew understands that you can now learn a lot of music theory online, and perhaps all you need is a music teacher to mark your past paper practice questions and explain areas of improvement, or any weaknesses that arise in your answers.

What if you are looking for music theory lessons not for the purposes of the ABRSM exam?

Matthew can also give music theory lessons to those who only want to learn for their own enjoyment without the purpose of sitting an exam at the end of it. He can help you become proficient in understanding key signatures, types of scales, intervals, music terminology and harmony. Matthew also can give private tuition for GCSE and A-Level music in Cardiff. Please call today on 07967 836011 for availability.

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