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Looking for a piano teacher in Cardiff?

Are you looking for piano tuition in Cardiff?

If you are looking for piano lessons, you may wish to consider Matthew Clayton. He is an experienced piano teacher from Cardiff who can play in various styles. Matthew gained a degree in music, then went on to study a postgraduate diploma in music, so he is very knowledgeable about the piano and piano techniques. He teaches piano to children as young as seven years of age, and also teaches many adult pupils. Matthew believes that music should be enjoyed and piano lessons should be fun. Matthew encourages pupils to suggest pieces that they have always wanted to learn and he incorporates them into his piano lesson. Matthew teaches rock, pop, blues and classical music to all his pupils so they have a broad understanding of all the various techniques.

How much does a piano lesson with Matthew cost?

Matthew charges £13.50 per half hour piano lesson. After each lesson he will set tasks for the pupil to complete at home on their piano on electric piano. They will go away with clear practising projects and will come back the following week to show their progress. Matthew encourages his pupils to practice by teaching fun and interesting pieces.

Why study the piano?

It has long be proven that learning how to play an instrument can have a great beneficial impact on someones life. To learn a new discipline and see the rewards can give a sense of achievement that is very uplifting. In a very throw away culture, it is important for children to understand the process of putting in hard work into something as seeing the rewards. There is nothing better than experiencing that via learning an instrument such as the piano.

Contact Matthew to begin your Piano Lessons in Cardiff today

If you are living in Cardiff, you will have no problem finding Matthew, who teaches from home in Cyncoed.

If you would like to discuss further, and to find out Matthew’s availability, please email on or message on 07967 836011.

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