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Looking for a piano player for your wedding ceremony in Bristol?

Matthew Clayton is a fantastic piano player who plays for weddings all over Bristol

If you are looking for a great pianist to play at your wedding ceremony or drinks reception in Bristol, then look no further than Matthew Clayton. He has been playing for weddings over the last ten years and adds a great atmosphere to weddings. It really is the finishing touch to have a live pianist playing the songs that you have chosen in advance that mean something to you.

Matthew is a trained musician who can play lots of different styles. Special requests can vary in their nature – for example at his last wedding he was asked in advance to play the Disney classic “Ugly Bug Ball” during the signing of the register as that meant something to the bride and groom. Others have chosen music by Coldplay, Ed Sheeran and Adele just to name a few. Matthew can also play classical music if you want more traditional wedding music played on your special day in Bristol.

How much does it cost to book Matthew to play piano at your wedding in Bristol?

If you would like Matthew to be your wedding pianist in Bristol, the price will be £200. Included in that price he can bring he own professional electrical piano and amp to the venue – this is a great advantage as not all venues have a piano on site. The sound of the electric piano is brilliant and can fill a room.

If you would like Matthew to stay slightly longer at your wedding in Bristol there will be a small extra cost. Matthew can also be booked as an acoustic trio with a guitarist and a singer, so get in touch for more options.

Book Matthew today as your wedding pianist in Bristol

If you would like further information and to see if Matthew is available to play piano for your wedding in Bristol please call on 07967 836011 or email on

Please do get in touch if you are also getting married in the South Wales region. Matthew is a piano player from Cardiff and travels all over the South to play piano for weddings and events.

Many guests have commented on the fact it is much better to have live music played at a ceremony than music from an iPhone. Matthew can make special arrangements of a piece of music and can time the music exactly live on the day to fit the bridal entrance. Book Matthew today as your piano play for your wedding in Bristol

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