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Learn to master the piano with online piano lessons

If you want to master the piano and music theory, you will want to start up online piano lessons with Matthew Clayton today. He is a brilliant teacher that is full of enthusiasm and expertise at the piano and has been teaching for many years. Matthew has helped piano students achieve their goals at the piano and has great tips and fast track ways in order for you to progress very quickly in learning the piano. Children in particular enjoy Matthew’s online piano lesson - as they will still have time in the evening to play football or play with their friends. A piano lesson need not take up the entire evenings activity now, as you don’t have to travel to the piano teachers home. You just accept the video call when it comes through onto your phone, computer or tablet and the lesson begins right away from the comfort of your home. Many students have commented on the best online piano lessons of 2020 have been with Matthew Clayton. You can click on the homepage above to read what previous students have said about piano lessons with Matthew. If you take piano lessons with Matthew you will learn the piano in a stuctured progressive way on a weekly basis.

You will see main online piano apps now such as Flowkey, Skoove and Piano For All. While all these apps have something great to offer, they all have their limitations. The truth is, while an app is great and can often support great piano learning, you will never beat the benefits of having one to one lessons with a teacher. This is because a teacher can spot faults in your particular playing- so you won’t be learning general points about the piano - a teacher will aid you along personally and develop to overcome your weaknesses. This leads to a much faster progression for the student in their piano journey, and as much as people say “but one to one lessons with a teacher is too expensive” - well in the long term, the opposite is often true as you’ll progress much slower on the app, and some of the charge a lot of money to use them on a monthly basis. If you want to learn the correct way, but still want to have your lessons online, the best thing to do is take an online piano lesson with Matthew Clayton. He offers online piano lessons for beginners for adults and children, and those who want more advanced lessons. He will be able to teach you easy piano songs that are suitable for piano beginners- learning the keyboard online with lessons with Matthew is a great joy.

Click below to watch Matthew play the piano:

If you would like to start lessons today, please contact Matthew on

If you would like to see a starter video from Matthew please click below which shows you how to play the piano in only 5 minutes!!!

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