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Learn the piano with online piano lessons

If you are thinking about starting to learn the piano, you have now got the option of taking lessons through the internet and having your teacher conduct lessons through a video call through zoom or Facetime. Having a professional piano teacher give you lessons online is fundamental if you want to learn the proper way and progress quickly in your learning. Matthew graduated in music from Cardiff University in the UK, so have all the knowledge to ensure that you get a complete musical education. Piano students will receive enhanced lessons that will offer you tailored advice, up to date guided resources. Matthew will be able to recommend piano tutor books that you can purchase through amazon and work with Matthew during your online video piano lessons.

Click below to watch Matthew play the piano:

In the initial piano lessons with Matthew you will learn the patterns of the white and black keys on the piano and the name of all the notes. You will learn where these notes are placed on the grand staff so you will be able to read sheet music. The next thing you will learn is note durations that will help you develop rhythm. It will not take much time at all for you to learn famous classical piano pieces such as Fur Elise and Minuet in G. You will also learn how to learn pop and jazzy songs. You will be introduced to lots of different techniques associated with playing the piano and you will develop a long interest in playing the piano and playing music. You can let Matthew know in advance what type of music you want to learn. Regular lessons will allow you to develop as a musician and it will not take long until you are performing the piano for friends and family. However - one word of warning - as soon as your family know you are taking piano lessons, you will be expected to play happy birthday and maybe play festive piano songs at Christmas time.

Online piano lessons can take place at a convenient time that can fit around your life. As long as you have a mobile phone and you have a keyboard or a piano, your lessons can take place straight away. When you enquire about lessons with Matthew, please state what platform that you wish the video calls to take place on and what phone number you want the lessons on. All you need to do is have the camera on the phone or the iPad facing at the keys of the piano.

If you are ready to being online piano lessons please contact Matthew on

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