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Learn Piano Online

If you take piano lessons with Matthew Clayton online through video call you will develop as a musician a great deal. Matthew break downs a wide range of musical topics to the absolute fundamentals such as reading music, playing chords and developing a love of learning how to play the instrument. Matthew has a very engaging style of teaching which works very well online. All you will need to take part in piano lessons is a mobile that supports a video call, whether that be through FaceTime or Whatsapp video. Matthew will be able to run through all the fundamental techniques that will help you get better and set key tasks for you to complete before the following lesson. Matthew is a professional pianist who has had experience of performing the piano in a variety of settings including cathedrals, weddings and functions. He’s played as a classical soloists as well in bands and for musicals. And it is this wide range of experience that gives him the expertise to encourage people to achieve their goals. It is also means that Matthew is one of the types of piano teachers that can teach a variety of styles, not just classical music, which is what many other piano teachers only teach. Matthew teaches serious theory topics, but through fun and interesting pieces. He will teach you music from the charts that will help you improve your rhythm, hand coordination, playing by ear and using both hands together. Having the opportunity to have online piano lessons is a great thing for any musical student. Matthew can give you real time feed back through the video call and show you ways in which you can improve your playing. If you follow that up with regular practise, you should be improving very quickly and playing all the pieces you’ve always wanted to play.

You can access top quality piano lessons from the comfort of your own home. As long as you have a lap top or mobile phone, lessons can begin straight away. There are so many benefits in starting up a new instrument. It helps brain development and has so many beneficial effects on your general well being. Matthew’s online resources are frequently updated, and he can share these resources to help you read music and play scales through your email address. Online piano tuition can offer you the flexibility to have lessons when they suit you. Whether you are looking for beginner online piano lessons, or intermediate or advance lessons - Matthew Clayton is the teacher for you!

The great thing about online piano lessons, is that you can have lessons with Matthew, wherever you live in the world. You will be able to set the lesson times to suit your busy life. Matthew offers lessons for all ages and abilities. So if you are interested in taking up online piano lessons, please send an email to

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