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Learn How to Play the piano with a great teacher in Cardiff

If you have come to this website you are probably in search of a great piano teacher in the Cardiff area. Welcome to Piano Tuition Cardiff. This is the name of Matthew Clayton's home studio that he gives piano lessons to all ages and levels from his home in Cardiff.

Choosing a good piano teacher for you or your child can be a pain staking process, but it need not be. You will firstly want to know if your piano teacher is well qualified and secondly that they have the personality that you could get along with during piano lessons. You can have confidence that Matthew Clayton ticks both of those boxes. Firstly he holds lots of qualifications in music such as Grade 8 Piano, a music degree from Cardiff University and a Post Graduate Diploma in music from the Open University in Wales. He also has experience of teaching piano and keyboards in schools and colleges and at his home in Cardiff. Lots of Matthew's pupils have commented that his relaxed approach to piano teaching puts his students at ease. He is very passionate about music and playing lots of different styles and this comes across in his teaching. Since he began teaching all of Matthew's pupils have achieved a pass, merit or distinction in all their piano and music theory grades. He comes highly recommended, please read testimonials on the home page of this website.

If you are thinking about starting up piano lessons in Cardiff you have come to the right place. Matthew will be able to advise you as to what piano/keyboard to buy that will suit your level and what music book to buy. Matthew recommends PMT Music store in Cardiff.

Matthew's current fee is £13.50 for a half hour piano lesson. Most of Matthew's students come for a half hour lesson per week - although the more advanced students, and the older learners who wish to progress at the piano more quickly sometimes opt for the the full hour weekly lesson at the cost of £25. During the Covid-19 lockdown Matthew has been teaching his pupils online through FaceTime and video call lessons. His students have been able to make good progress in uncertain times. The online piano lessons has proved very popular with new beginners starting up this method in Cardiff with Matthew.

The benefits of learning a new instrument such as the piano are endless, and with a good and experienced piano teacher such as Matthew from Cardiff, you will be able to learn the technique of playing the piano quickly.

If you would like more information or make an enquiry with Matthew about piano lessons in Cardiff with Matthew please message on or message on 07967 836011

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