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Learn How To Play The Piano In Six Weeks

In 2017, concert James Rhodes set out a way in which people could learn how to play the piano in only six weeks. If you followed his steps and stages it was possible to play a piece by the distinguished composer J S Bach. James Rhodes rose to fame over ten years ago when he decided to switch his career from corporate employment in the city to become a concert pianist. Obviously, he had been playing piano throughout his life. Rhodes is an interesting character who has been open discussing his mental health problems since being abused as a child.

He has been a great promoter of classical music and dismantling stereotypes of classical music being only for a certain section of society. He makes it apparent that he is trying to break down barriers by the fact he does not adhere to the traditional stage dress of classical music performances. In 2017, he made quest to teach people how to play the famous Bach Prelude. Many people were encouraged to start back learning the piano after a long hiatus. Many people have long lasting memories of dreaded piano lessons they took when they were younger with a strict, miserable teacher.

They hold memories of practising endless mind numbing scales. Rhodes’ mission was to put all that to one side and show the possibility that you can learn a piece of beautiful music in a very short time period. Lots of people followed his approach, learnt the piece, and have fallen in love with the piano again and have gone on to learn lots of piano repertoire. James Rhodes wrote a book about how to play the piano- he helps you know what finger to put on each note. Even people who have not studied the piano for a long time were able to learn about expression and bringing out the melody in the Bach Prelude. He teaches students how to get an even tone.

If you are looking for excellent quality online piano lessons, you will probably want to consider having lessons with online piano teacher, Matthew Clayton. During the covid-19 pandemic, Matthew moved all his teaching online, and teaches people in the same one to one way, but now on a video call through a mobile or a computer, depending on what you own. Matthew soon realised that it was completely possible to achieve the same high rewards with pupils taking lessons in a virtual way.

Video calls are a lot more stable than they used to be over the internet - so as long as you have a phone or tablet you should be able to begin online piano lessons with Matthew right away. Matthew teaches beginner piano lessons, intermediate piano lessons and advanced piano lessons all from his home teaching studio which includes a Kawai acoustic and two digital pianos. Matthew and his pupils set an agreed weekly time slot (most people opt for 30 minutes per week) - all you need to do is transfer the fee through Matthew’s PayPal account and the lessons can begin straight away. Matthew has lots of piano teaching experience having taught in primary schools and music colleges. He has a great passion for music that he likes to pass onto his pupils

To begin online piano lessons with Matthew, please send an email to for more information

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