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Learn how to play piano with Piano Tuition Cardiff

Start Piano Lessons with Piano Tuition Cardiff in Cyncoed

If you are thinking about taking up the piano for yourself or your children you have come to the right place. Matthew Clayton has been teaching under the umbrella of Piano Tuition Cardiff for nearly ten years. Since graduating from Music at Cardiff University, he has established one of the most popular piano schools in Cardiff.

There are many reasons for Matthew’s popularity. Firstly he has a very relaxed and friendly approach to his lessons. Students can be nervous in the beginning, but Matthew puts them at ease. The other thing is that Matthew is willing to teach you any style or song that you wish to learn. You will go through formal tutor books to give you a good grounding in music, but Matthew is happy to teach you things that you also want to learn. He principles his teaching on the “music is for fun” motto.

Matthew has put over 120 pupils through their graded exams, and they have all passed with pass, merit and distinction. He also teaches Grade 5 music theory for those who want to study the higher grades.

What age can my child begin piano lessons with Matthew in Cardiff?

Matthew normally begins teaching pupils at the age of 7. When the begin junior school they will normally have good concentration levels and they will know their alphabet, so good progress can begin at the piano. Some pupils wish to start with 20 minute lessons then build up to 30 mins as they grow in confidence.

Contact Piano Teacher Matthew Clayton from Cyncoed, Cardiff today

If you want to enquire with Matthew for further information or check if he has available slots that suit you please contact him on or call or text on 07967 836011.

Matthew will get back promptly, normally within 24 hours and you an appointment can be arranged.

Don’t put off your dream for any longer for yourself or your child. If you live in Cardiff and are looking for a good piano teacher to provide piano lessons, please contact Matthew today!!

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