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Learn faster by having piano lessons online?

There are so many good reasons why to have piano lessons online. All that traveling time to your lesson is cut out, so you have focus on practising right up until the video lesson call from your teacher. Also, when you have piano lessons online, you can follow up your practise straight after the lesson and write down any notes that should stop you from forgetting anything. In real life, sometimes you can forget concepts by the time you travel home. But with online piano lessons, as soon as the lesson is over you can start making notes straight away.

The actual content of the online lesson is the same as what you would receive person to person. However, another benefit is that the teacher is sitting at their piano during the video call so can demonstrate how the music should sound, without having to reduce it down to the low or high octaves when sharing a piano with the pupil. If you take online piano lessons with Matthew Clayton, he will be able to help you learn all the basics and get better as a piano player.

There maybe lots of different reasons as to why you are thinking about starting up piano lessons, perhaps you are a complete beginner, or perhaps you have reached an intermediate level and want piano lessons to refine your skills and take your piano playing to the next level. Whatever it is, Matthew will be able to help. He has over ten years of experience in teaching the piano and is well equipped to teach different types of music from classical, to music from musicals, films and contemporary chart music. He has had experience of performing in a variety of settings from playing at weddings and events, to conducting and playing for choirs. He is experienced in playing both classical and pop/rock music which is why he is in demand online piano teacher. Lots of other teachers online specialise in one style, however Matthew is able to teach his pupils Mozart as well as jazzy music and modern music such as Ed Sheeran. He has a passion for music and believes music should be for fun, and this comes across in his teaching.

If you would like to read what previous pupils of Matthew have said about his teaching style, please click on the homepage. Matthew charges $30 per half hour online piano lesson. Lessons will take place through a video call.

If you would like more information about piano lessons taught through the internet, please send an email to

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