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Information regarding online piano lessons

Matthew Clayton offers online piano lessons for all ages and levels. Matthew used to teach in person on a one to one basis in his piano teaching studio but has now moved all his teaching online. Since then, he has built up a successful teaching practice online where students from all over the UK and beyond can have access to first class piano lessons at an affordable price. Matthew uses online video calls between him and his students for the piano lessons to take place.

All the piano student needs to do is set up their mobile phone or tablet so the camera is facing their piano keys. You don’t need an expensive high end phone to have piano classes with Matthew- technological video communication improvements allow high quality video calls to take place on all networks. If you have online piano lessons with Matthew, you will have access to all his educational piano material including lots of sight reading exercises. Matthew brings a lot of teaching experience to his piano lessons.

Click below to watch Matthew play the piano:

He is educated in music up to post graduate diploma standard- he holds the grade 8 piano qualification and a music degree from Cardiff University in the UK. This gives him all the technical expertise to guide his piano students through various styles of music. You can rest assure that if you take online piano lessons with Matthew, that you will learn the right way, which will ensure that make fast leaps of progression, if of course that you are also willing to put in effort practising the piano on a daily basis.

A recent study in America, has shown that over two million students are now taking online lessons over the internet - it has become a new way for education to continue in a fast changing world. There are lots of benefits in learning this new way over the internet - many students love the fact that they can schedule in piano lessons from the own home into their busy lives. Obviously, by taking piano lessons online, it cuts out the traveling time to your piano teachers home. It is also easier to share pdf resources and piano music over online - many piano students have found that communication between pupil and teacher is far better in this modern way. You can take piano lessons with Matthew whatever your current level is on the piano - whether you are complete beginner, or a returning student at intermediate or advanced level of piano playing.

If you would like to book your first online piano lesson with Matthew, send an email to today!

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